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UIRnR UpgradePacks

Click on the below links to download respective UpgradePacks

  1. 2018 Q1 UpgradePack
  2. 2018 Q2 UpgradePack
  3. 2018 Q3 UpgradePack
  4. 2017 UpgradePack
  5. 2016 UpgradePack
  6. 2017 Q4 UpgradePack
  7. 2017 July UpgradePack
  8. 2017 Q2 UpgradePack
  9. Features and EnhancementsBug fixes
    1. Create a trend on RT Automation process which shows percentage of automated testcases over the past weeks.
    2. Change the icons of the Replay result report available in UI RnR front end to make it more user friendly.
    3. Join Plans with Cycles to show RT cycle details in Regression Testing worksheet.
    4. Organize sonarqube trend to show all the metrics(blocker issues, major issues, critical issues, minor issues)
    5. Provide a scheduler to attach testcases under particular project to the respective plan.
    1. Manual test cases are not attaching to the test plans.
    2. Unable to record clicks on Table headers in ADF worksheet.
    3. All Loaded Components information is not inserting in T_UIRNR_FOUND_COMPONENTS table while replaying.
    4. Data is not showing in All Test Cases Details Report.
    5. Host name column is not filling in the Running Replay Instances jsp for Replay helpers and Replay machines.
    6. Renaming the scenario name in 'User defined Scenario name' column, in 'Test Cases Report' of 'Test Cases' application
  10. 2017 Q1 UpgradePack
  11. Features and EnhancementsBug fixes
    1. Changed icons in UI RnR tool to make it more user-friendly
    2. Provided GUI to update Replay Delay settings from UIRnR Tool
    3. Provided a custom JSP from plans and test cases worksheets to show script replay compatibility and also provide a report to show oracle form version details for the selected script
    4. Provided a way to update the value in TestCase Type column in the Regression Testing Report
    5. Provided a custom JSP to show each script line status (currently replaying script line and its replay status) of a Test Case when replaying from TRI2.
    1. Browser is not closing and Report is not generating, if we manually stop replay in UIRnR Tool
    2. Concurrent Program is not executing while replay as parameters are not passing to it
    3. Menu popup is not opening after simulating mouse click, during replay in ADF pages
    4. In Test data worksheet, last_updated_by column is not filling with the correct value after updating.
  12. 2016 Q4 UpgradePack
    Features and EnhancementsBug fixes
    1. Provided a Custom link to show script lines of a script in test cases steps report
    2. Provided a column to show failure reason of test cases in Testcases report.
    3. Added a comment column to the Datasets Replay history report.And also rename the Parameter Value Set History report to the Datasets Update History and Parameter Value History to Datasets Replay History.
    4. Removed dependency between the column replay preference and replay machine name
    1. Replay screenshot document is not downloading if PDF or DOC format is accessed first
    2. Testcase Doc Generator in UIRnR tool not working for old Scripts/Scenarios
    3. Testcase is picking for replay even test scripts replay flag is false
    4. Exact error reason is not filling in Test case steps report after TRI2 replay
    5. Checkpoint is not highlighting in script area if validation is failed in UIRnR frontend
  13. 2016 Q3 UpgradePack
    Features and EnhancementsBug fixes
    1. Showing the default Browser icon on the recorded URL dialog box available in the UI RnR tool
    2. While sending the mail, in case of script saving failed to provide details such as Instance name, Username, and Exception trace
    3. Provided a Custom Set for RunningReplayInstance.jsp
    4. Provided a way to replay more than 500 datasets, if the input type is configured as Extract from ETK.
    5. Provided Lov for replay Flag in Dataset worksheet and accept data entry as well.
    1. Checkpoint replay is failing, when the generation of checkpoint takes more time.
    2. In oracle forms, if LOV data loading is in progress, then the script is replaying with wrong LOV value and continuing replay next lines without validating.
    3. Update password value is not working from mass Update Label and Values feature in UI RnR
  14. 2016 Q2 UpgradePack
    Features and EnhancementsBug fixes
    1. Launching the UI RnR from the login.JSP instead of ttt1.jnlp.
    2. currently replayed screenshots in Replay result report and also organise contents of reports folder in deployment.
    3. Now user can download the Replay screenshot document(MsWord, PDF) even if there are no Recorded screenshots.
    4. Showing Start Line and End Line in highlighted colour for better user understanding.
    5. Showing HostName and primary/secondary DNS suffix Name for Replay Machines/Helpers in Running replay instances JSP page.
    1. The script is not getting saved after doing Move up/move down a script line
    2. Unable to download Replay screenshot document sometimes from Multiple doctype JSP
    3. In RecordNReplayScreenshotsJsp screenshots are not coming properly.
    4. Replay Document Issue: In Html Replay Document in navigation panel not showing navigation for some step screenshots. And for failure Dataset Screenshots it is showing success Datasets screenshot sometimes.
    5. When we update plan(to which one test case was already attached) with the another test case(in the same record), the new test case is not generating.
  15. 2016 Q1 UpgradePack
    Features and EnhancementsBug fixes
    1. Now, UIRNR supports Java 7
    2. Moved customer specific reports from BPM application to respective customer specific application
    3. Provided an option to delete the row in Replay Machine URL setup worksheet.
    1. While Rename the Snapshot name in Snapshot Details Report the Snapshot configured should not be affected
    2. At a time single replay helper should be pointing to the same instance while replaying from TRI2
    3. LabelValueForETKWhereClause report, delete feature is not working
    4. Provided an option to delete the row in Replay Machine URL setup worksheet.

Please follow below steps to upgrade deployment:

i) $TRINITI_HOME/MigBuild folder should not contain any old UpgradePacks.

If any old UpgradePacks exist, please download Shell script to create one folder and move all old UpgradePacks into it the file, copy it to $TRINITI_HOME/MigBuild path and execute it. It will create one folder with AllZipsInsideMigBuildFolder name in MigBuild folder and moves all existing older UpgradePacks into it.

ii) There should be one shell script file( and one class file(UpgradePackExecutor.class) in $TRINITI_HOME/MigBuild path of deployment.

If those files do not exist, please download the following files and copy to $TRINITI_HOME/MigBuild folder


  2. UpgradePackExecutor.class
iii) Copy the downloaded upgrade packs to $TRINITI_HOME/MigBuild folder and execute $TRINITI_HOME/MigBuild/ file to upgrade deployment.

Note: UpgradePacks should be applied in proper sequence - For example, 2016 Q4 UpgradePack should be applied only after 2016 Q3 UpgradePack(in the case of manual up-gradation) or use shell script to upgrade deployment, so that it will only take care of applying of UpgradePacks in proper sequence.
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