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TDM Framework - Web UI Upgrade Packs

HTML eWorksheet Upgrade Packs

  1. 2020 March Upgrade Pack
  2. 2020 February Upgrade Pack
  3. 2020 January Upgrade Pack
  4. 2019 December Upgrade Pack
  5. 2019 November Upgrade Pack
  6. 2019 October Upgrade Pack
  7. 2019 September Upgrade Pack
  8. 2019 August Upgrade Pack
  9. 2019 July Upgrade Pack
  10. 2019 June Upgrade Pack
  11. 2019 May Upgrade Pack
  12. 2019 Feb - June Upgrade Pack
  13. 2017 September Monthly Upgrade pack - contains the following features, bug fixes, UI, Performance and Process improvements:
    FeaturesBug fixes, UI, Performance and Process Improvements
    1. Button alignment is changed to right side in all dialogs
    2. Reset the applied filters if there are no records matching with filter criteria
    3. Auto scroll to newly added row
    4. All LOV and Calendar icons alignment is changed to left side
    5. Auto filter the LOVs in DQD dialog with the value entered in value field before clicking on LOV
    1. Issue Fixed- Reset check boxes in save and share dialog upon close.
    2. Fixed - Show warning message when user trying to delete parent report from save and share dialog
    3. Fixed - Custom filters popup in filters drop down list is not opening on second immediate selection
    4. Fixed - Generate graphs when x-axis/y-axis contain null values
    5. Fixed - Coloring conditions are not considering while mailing the eWorksheet
    6. Fixed - Show correct date format in filters drop down list
    7. Fixed - Mass update when boolean data type filed is given in condition for mass update
    8. Fixed - Newly created row is getting lost on filtering
    9. Fixed - Disable the value type and update to value fields in mass update dialog upon checking the nullable
    10. Fixed - Update filters drop down list data based on the selection of other column filters

eWorksheet Wizard Upgrade Packs

  1. 2019 May Monthly Upgrade Pack

After eWorksheet wizard Upgrade go to GLASSFISH_DOMAIN_DIRECTORY_PATH/applications/eWorksheet_Wizard/eWorksheetWizard_WebApp_war/WEB-INF/classes and replace the tokens mentioned in below tokens table with appropriate values in and files

Please follow below steps to upgrade deployment:

i) Create a folder with name Tri2PropertyFiles inside GLASSFISH_DOMAIN_DIRECTORY_PATH/config/ directory if it does not exist.

ii) Download the file before upgrading HTML eWorksheet application and place the file in GLASSFISH_DOMAIN_DIRECTORY_PATH/config/Tri2PropertyFiles location

iii) Download the file before upgrading eWorksheet Wizard application and place the file in GLASSFISH_DOMAIN_DIRECTORY_PATH/config/Tri2PropertyFiles location

In the downloaded properties file, replace the following tokens with a appropriate values

TRINITI_URL URL of trinti portal Ex:-
TRINITIAPPS_HOME_DIRECTORY_PATH Triniti deployment path Ex:- /software/Tri2ProductionHome/TrinitiApps28
GLASSFISH_DOMAIN_DIRECTORY_PATH Glassfish installed domain directory Ex:- /home/glassfish/glassfish4/glassfish/domains/domain1
TABIMPL_CONTEXT_NAME Trinitiapps context name Ex:- trinitiapps/tabimpl
ETK_CONTEXT_NAME ETK application context name Ex:- etk
VIEWER_CONTEXT_NAME Viewer application context name Ex:- viewer
FDT_CONTEXT_NAME FDT application context name Ex:- fdt
Table :- Tokens and its values

$TRINITI_HOME/MigBuild folder should not contain any old UpgradePacks.

If any old UpgradePacks exist, please download Shellscript to create one folder and move all old UpgradePacks into it file, copy it to $TRINITI_HOME/MigBuildpath and execute it. It will create one folder with AllZipsInsideMigBuildFolder name in MigBuild folder and moves all existing older UpgradePacks into it.

v) There should be one shell script file( and one class file(UpgradePackExecutor.class) in $TRINITI_HOME/MigBuild path of deployment.

If those files do not exist, please download the following files and copy to $TRINITI_HOME/MigBuild folder

  2. UpgradePackExecutor.class
vi) The following properties have to be set in $TRINITI_HOME/ file before running upgrade pack
  1. glassfishServerHomePath
  2. glassfishServerHostName
  3. glassfishServerUserName
  4. glassfishServerPassword
  5. glassfishServerPort
  1. glassfish server installed directory
  2. Host/IP address of instance where glassfish server is installed
  3. glassfish server admin username
  4. glassfish server encrypted admin password
  5. glassfish server admin port number
vii) Copy the downloaded upgrade packs to $TRINITI_HOME/MigBuild folder and execute $TRINITI_HOME/MigBuild/ file to upgrade deployment.

Note: UpgradePacks should be applied in proper sequence - For example, 2016 Q4 UpgradePack should be applied only after 2016 Q3 UpgradePack(in case of manual up-gradation) or use shell script to upgrade deployemnt, so that it will only take care about applying of UpgradePacks in proper sequence.

Tri2 Import Export Upgrade Pack

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