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PPM Upgrade packs

Click on the below links to download respective UpgradePacks.

  1. 2018 August UpgradePack
  2. 2018 Q2 UpgradePack
  3. 2018 Q1 UpgradePack
  4. 2017 UpgradePack
  5. 2016 UpgradePack
  6. 2015 Q4 UpgradePack

Please follow below steps to upgrade deployment:

i) $TRINITI_HOME/MigBuild folder should not contain any old UpgradePacks.

If any old UpgradePacks exist, please download Shellscript to create one folder and move all old UpgradePacks into it file, copy it to $TRINITI_HOME/MigBuild path and execute it. It will create one folder with AllZipsInsideMigBuildFolder name in MigBuild folder and moves all existing older UpgradePacks into it.

ii) There should be one shell script file( and one class file(UpgradePackExecutor.class) in $TRINITI_HOME/MigBuild path of deployment.

If those files do not exist, please download the following files and copy to $TRINITI_HOME/MigBuild folder

  2. UpgradePackExecutor.class
iii) Copy the downloaded upgrade packs to $TRINITI_HOME/MigBuild folder and execute $TRINITI_HOME/MigBuild/ file to upgrade deployment.

Note: UpgradePacks should be applied in proper sequence - For example, 2016 Q4 UpgradePack should be applied only after 2016 Q3 UpgradePack(in case of manual up-gradation) or use shell script to upgrade deployemnt, so that it will only take care about applying of UpgradePacks in proper sequence.
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