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iDempiere eWorksheets with GlassFish Application Server and PostgreSQL Database


This software contains a fully configured, ready-to-use iDempiere eWorksheets. This software contains seeded reports on iDempiere.

The following applications are installed and ready to use after installation is completed:

Technical UserApplication AdministratorDeployment AdministratorFramework Administrator

1. eDapter Toolkit - Premium
2. eWorksheet - Premium


3. Security
4. Manager Folders
5. Scheduler
6. iDempiere-eWorksheets

7. Diagnostic Center
8. Deployment Administration
9. Workflow Designer
10. Application Designer
11. Configuration Setup

The installer is available for the following Operating System:

  1. Linux


For Linux Operating System

The following softwares are also installed automatically along with TDM Framework Software (Upgrades till May-2018) by installer in the installation process:

  1. Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.8.0_51
  2. Glassfish 4.1
  3. Apache Ant 1.8.4
  4. PostgreSQL Server 9.6.0
  1. Installation document
  2. Installer file - (~ 1.3 GB, md5sum: 5ac80fc8dae9ffd7e17efa177bced22c) - Learn more about md5sum and how to verify the file with md5sum code.
  3. Downloading 1.3 GB file in slow network takes lot of time, instead of downloading large file at a time, it can be downloaded into chunks and joined all the chunks into one installer file. The entire installer file is divided into 14 files and each file size is 100 MB, download 14 files from below into a folder and merge them into a single file using linux cat command - Learn more about split and merge linux commands and md5sum to check integrity:

    FileSize (KB)md5sum
    triniti-dempiere-eworksheet-installer-01 104857 d5f99b634f841103dcdedb1480a41452
    triniti-dempiere-eworksheet-installer-02 104857 12310ce7057dc6f1b95d7c8aa4b5bfde
    triniti-dempiere-eworksheet-installer-03 104857 292435c8aae7924e20ddeab7e19b13c5
    triniti-dempiere-eworksheet-installer-04 104857 808ed2949e0af993dd8a789bead459ad
    triniti-dempiere-eworksheet-installer-05 104857 4dc7ee6f3e6eb68c3c2b5e3ccb95fcdf
    triniti-dempiere-eworksheet-installer-06 104857 61f73d0d3ac9ef9605c5676ae927270c
    triniti-dempiere-eworksheet-installer-07 104857 bd39f862aabc5e4aeb129726399af63f
    triniti-dempiere-eworksheet-installer-08 104857 130cb656cbb9b8f832d43c6d490a2b3a
    triniti-dempiere-eworksheet-installer-09 104857 3ed9d5b8e4a56b33a9524468a1f7d3f8
    triniti-dempiere-eworksheet-installer-10 104857 22ea55d57bf4ec80ec411b6ff03a8d43
    triniti-dempiere-eworksheet-installer-11 104857 b717f7502d40f758865d5f2397b8c7c6
    triniti-dempiere-eworksheet-installer-12 104857 24600cc801caad4d4f0fa59965c793aa
    triniti-dempiere-eworksheet-installer-13 104857 18483d2b26910d1eac817a66779ee44f
    triniti-dempiere-eworksheet-installer-14 33327 d573a727e308f85c836fdbced099b657

    Use the following linux command to merge the all these files available in a folder to single installer file:
    $ cat triniti-idempiere-eworksheet-installer-* > TrinitiIdempiereEworksheetInstaller.tar.gz

    Run the below linux command to check md5sum for integrity: 
    $ md5sum TrinitiIdempiereEworksheetInstaller.tar.gz
    The value of the above should be same as md5sum value provided in step #2.

Use below software to merge the all these files available in a folder to single installer file

Please go through the below documentation on how to join the above chunk files :

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