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TDM Framework - Premium with GlassFish Application Server & PostgreSQL Database


This software contains a fully configured, ready-to-use TDM Framework functionality. This installer can be used for eDapter Toolkit and eWorksheet premium software. And the application front-end is on Java, HTML and Excel.

The following applications are installed and ready to use after installation is completed:

Technical UserApplication AdministratorDeployment AdministratorFramework Administrator
1. eDapter Toolkit - Premium
2. eWorksheet - Premium
3. Security
4. Manage Folders
5. Scheduler
6. Diagnostic Center
7. Deployment Administration
8. Workflow Designer
9. Application Designer
10. Configuration Setup
11. Application Objects

Installer is available for the following Operating Systems:

  1. Linux


For Linux Operating System

The following software are also installed automatically along with TDM Framework Software (Upgrades till May - 2018) by installer in the installation process:

  1. Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.8.0_51
  2. Glassfish 4.1
  3. Apache Ant 1.8.4
  1. Installation document
  2. Installer file - (~ 1.3 GB, md5sum: 5215df419fa4ca393a079e2d8f3bdc88) - Learn more about md5sum and how to verify the file with md5sum code.
  3. Downloading 1.3 GB file in slow network takes lot of time, instead of downloading large file at a time, it can be downloaded into chunks and joined all the chunks into one installer file. The entire installer file is divided into 31 files and each file size is 100 MB, download 31 files from below into a folder and merge them into a single file using linux cat command - Learn more about split and merge linux commands and md5sum to check integrity:

    FileSize (KB)md5sum
    tdm-framework-linux-glassfish-postgresql-01 104857 13d2eb5900b77f22d22a7b1941b22afa
    tdm-framework-linux-glassfish-postgresql-02 104857 c0386af95718b17b2fdfa55a4d8720d5
    tdm-framework-linux-glassfish-postgresql-03 104857 f5c35374930d796b65804fb99e0317d2
    tdm-framework-linux-glassfish-postgresql-04 104857 fb38b9937ddf92896f70fc893acbd7ea
    tdm-framework-linux-glassfish-postgresql-05 104857 4d78c605fb89d00b37cd801e71478312
    tdm-framework-linux-glassfish-postgresql-06 104857 4f8b0d8a59acafa1ed466989cf167dee
    tdm-framework-linux-glassfish-postgresql-07 104857 1aaa280eaac475033e6f4ed50d1901c6
    tdm-framework-linux-glassfish-postgresql-08 104857 bfada4facc6df32fdd71028c294748a8
    tdm-framework-linux-glassfish-postgresql-09 104857 7f4c2abdd744c7de5654e68af77784e6
    tdm-framework-linux-glassfish-postgresql-10 104857 3feff499eef4c4550ee7c482c8874f84
    tdm-framework-linux-glassfish-postgresql-11 104857 da39212eff307610a4cc48aad3fb7b15
    tdm-framework-linux-glassfish-postgresql-12 104857 a15876a881961e5c5cfd203b30bd7186
    tdm-framework-linux-glassfish-postgresql-13 104857 ee17dadc74766a67d88fd0ee66e2a955
    tdm-framework-linux-glassfish-postgresql-14 28532 312d3f40847e95d870239e29a18da2d4

    Use the following linux command to merge the all these files available in a folder to single installer file:
    $ cat tdm-framework-linux-glassfish-postgresql-* > TDM-Framework-premium-Glassfish-PostgreSQL.tar.gz

    Run the below linux command to check md5sum for integrity:
    $ md5sum TDM-Framework-premium-Glassfish-PostgreSQL.tar.gz
    The value of the above should be same as md5sum value provided in step #2.

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