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TDM Framework Software System Requirements

All the products are built on TDM Framework software which requires the following System Requirements. Individual product might have few more additional software requirements. Check respective product installation document for it's System Requirements.

TDM Framework System Requirements

TDM Framework software is certified for the following Java Development Kit (JDK):

  1. Oracle JDK 1.8.0_51
  2. Open JDK 1.8.0_192
TDM Framework software installer includes one of the certified JDK software.

TDM Framework installed machine should have access to internet as it invokes the following services which can be required for applications:
  1. Mail Service - Sends emails to registered users and email ids
  2. Fill RTF Template Service - Fills given RTF Template with values from the system
  3. Document Conversation Service - Converts document from one format to another
  4. External Web services - Invokes web services registered in the System


Client Machine Software Requirements

Triniti Application Suite Portal is developed using HTML5 components and Java Applets / Webstart so the browser accessing the portal should be HTML5 and Java Plugin compatible. Internet Explorer (IE) version should be greater than or equal to 10. Internet Explorer (IE) version 11 is the recommended to access the portal.


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