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iDempiere - Free Evaluation


This software contains a fully configured, ready-to-use iDempiere Server.

  1. Installation document
  2. Installer file

2.1  Linux Installer file - (262 MB, md5sum : 2356cff1a8c004d43a5d80f1c94cf1e6) - Learn more about md5sum and how to verify the file with md5sum code.

Downloading 262 MB file in slow network will take lot of time, instead of downloading large file at a time, it can be downloaded into chunks and joined all the chunks into one installer file. The entire installer file is divided into 3 files and size of files are 97.9 MB, 99.4 MB and 65.2 MB respectively, download 3 files from below into a folder and merge them into a single file using linux cat command - Learn more about split and merge linux commands and md5sum to check integrity:

FileSize (KB)md5sum
idempiereServer.gtk.linux.x86_64-01 100336 880f4ac2974df3c4c1f417f589292a14
idempiereServer.gtk.linux.x86_64-02 101819 b67ce83e20869d076f3d4277b6c05873
idempiereServer.gtk.linux.x86_64-03 66850 a83c4eaf232667e905dad107c2d63875

Use the following linux command to merge the all these files available in a folder to single installer file:
$ cat idempiereServer.gtk.linux.x86_64-* >

For fixing it's index) use the follwing commands :
$ zip -FF --out

Run the below linux command to check md5sum for integrity:
$ md5sum
The value of the above should be same as md5sum value provided in step #2.

2.2Windows Installer file - (262 MB, md5sum : 577ecb05f0830e0632f8314c1c6fce35)


For prerequisites and other informations please use wiki docs provided by the iDempiere.

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