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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
PROJECT varchar2 255  √  null
TICKET_DATE date 7  √  null
STATUS varchar2 6  √  null
COUNT number 22  √  null
VALUE varchar2 50  √  null
CUMULATIVE_COUNT number 22  √  null

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SELECT ALL_DATES.PROJECT, ALL_DATES.FACT_DATE ticket_date, ALL_DATES.STATUS, MV_WEEKLY_TICKET_OPEN_CLOSED.COUNT, MV_WEEKLY_TICKET_OPEN_CLOSED.VALUE, nvl(SUM(MV_WEEKLY_TICKET_OPEN_CLOSED.COUNT) over(partition by ALL_DATES.STATUS, ALL_DATES.PROJECT order by ALL_DATES.FACT_Date),0) CUMULATIVE_COUNT FROM STATEGPS.MV_WEEKLY_TICKET_OPEN_CLOSED MV_WEEKLY_TICKET_OPEN_CLOSED, (select application_name PROJECT, STATUS, FACT_DATE from (select 'OPEN' STATUS from dual union select 'CLOSED' from dual) STATUS, (select fact_date from STATEGPS.T_GPS_CALENDER_DATES where fact_Date < (sysdate + 2)), (select application_name, trunc(min(ti.creation_date)) start_min_date from t_instances ti, t_gps_applications tga where tga.visible_flag = 'true' and ti.application_id = tga.application_id group by application_name) APPS where fact_date > APPS.start_min_date) ALL_DATES where ALL_DATES.FACT_DATE = MV_WEEKLY_TICKET_OPEN_CLOSED.TICKET_DATE(+) and ALL_DATES.PROJECT = MV_WEEKLY_TICKET_OPEN_CLOSED.PROJECT(+) and ALL_DATES.status = MV_WEEKLY_TICKET_OPEN_CLOSED.status(+) GROUP BY ALL_DATES.PROJECT, ALL_DATES.FACT_DATE, ALL_DATES.STATUS, MV_WEEKLY_TICKET_OPEN_CLOSED.COUNT, MV_WEEKLY_TICKET_OPEN_CLOSED.VALUE
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